Aug 23, 2017

Above the Salt

Above the Salt
by Aaron Galvin

Book: Salted #3
Publisher: Aaron Galvin
Pub Date: August 23, 2017
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Sydney Gao has a secret – she’s a mermaid.
Unfortunately, her mother forbade her from telling anyone and kept Sydney land-locked in the Midwest all her life. After learning Selkie slavers kidnapped her best friend Garrett Weaver, Sydney ran away in hopes of rescuing him. Succeeding, she thought all her dreams of finding others like her to swim with had finally come true.
But Garrett is different now.
No longer the goofy, fun-loving guy she remembered, he’s more concerned about his Selkie friends than Sydney. Worse, her mother is also mad at Sydney for putting herself in danger and not thinking about the consequences of her actions.
Sydney can’t understand any of it. All she’s ever wanted is to finally see and explore the Salt capital city of New Pearlaya and to share her secret with someone.
What Sydney doesn’t know is that the Salt is far from the place where dreams come true…and she isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets.

My Review: Sydney is a lovely character who happens to be a mermaid. However, she can’t go wild and enjoy that life the way she wants. She’s locked on land and cant tell her friends about any of it.

Though things are about to change when she must rescue Garrett. She rescued her friend and now is in search for others like her. To share her secret and al be well. Though Garrett has changed, her mom is mad, and what the heck is Sydney to do? Poo girl just wants to be happy, have her dreams come true and live on. But I guess that’s too much to ask for.

There are more secrets that you think, twists and surprises, and well you’ll be sucked right in. It’s another awesome read by Aaron.

My Rating:

Aug 22, 2017



Book Description:

Once Upon a Time… 
In the Kingdom of Tränen,
a king makes a promise to his dying wife that he'll only remarry a woman who possesses her golden hair. In time, the king's eyes are turned by his daughter. Realizing her father’s intentions, Princess Aurelia tries to trick him by requesting impossible gifts: dresses created by the sun, moon and stars, and a coat made of a thousand furs. But when he is successful, Aurelia sacrifices her privileged life and flees her kingdom, disguised by the cloak and a new name, Allerleirauh.

She enters the safe haven of Saarland der Licht, where the handsome and gentle Prince Klaus takes her under his care. Hoping not to be discovered by her father’s courtiers, Allerleirauh tries to remain hidden under her new identity when she finds unexpected love with Prince Klaus, even though his arranged marriage to the princess of a neighboring kingdom approaches. Risking everything, Allerleirauh must face her troubled past and her fears of the future along her journey to self-acceptance in this triumphant retelling of the classic Grimm Fairy Tale. 

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About the Author:
Chantal Gadoury is a 2011 graduate from Susquehanna University with a degree in Creative Writing. Since graduation, she has published three novels, “Seven Seeds of Summer,” Allerleirauh” and “The Songs in Our Hearts.” Writing has always come naturally to her, beginning at the early age of seven. Her love of writing evolved from a passion to read and document everything about her life in journals. (A Real-Life Harriett the Spy, without the Spying!) While Chantal is pursuing writing avenues, she enjoys acrylic painting, watching Disney and romantic historical movies and spending time with her family. 

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“I won’t ever let them near you again, Aurelia. I swear it,” he promised as his grief-filled eyes met mine. “You must know I love you. It never mattered to me whether you were a princess or not. It matters not to me if you think you are soiled, because to me . . . you are more . . . You are more than what has happened to you, and you always shall be,” he said softly as his hand slid to my cheek. Carefully, his thumb wiped a tear away. “You are this wonderful, head-strong, and brave woman,” Klaus continued. “No one has any right to ever try to take such a thing away from you. It should only ever be admired and cherished.”
More tears began to spill over my cheeks as relief flooded me. Klaus would not turn me away; instead, he accepted me. I rested my forehead against his shoulder, as I felt his arms slowly wrap around me. 
“Tell me what you wish for me to do, my sweet Aurelia, and I will do it.”        

Royally Mine: 22 All-New Bad Boy Romance Novellas

Royally Mine: 22 All-New Bad Boy Romance Novellas
Publication date: August 22nd 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance
Powerful kings. Dirty-talking princes. Insatiable dukes.

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Featured authors: Susan Stoker, Annabel Joseph, Katy Regnery, Nikki Sloane, Renee Rose, Molly O’Keefe, Alta Hensley, Nora Flite, Natasha Knight, Sue Lyndon, Jenika Snow, Maggie Ryan, Celeste Jones, Lee Savino, Livia Grant, Alexis Alvarez, Rayanna James, Ava Sinclair, Addison Cain, Jennifer Bene, Becca Jameson, Mikey Lee
Publisher’s Note: The stories included in this smoking hot box set are MF and MFM pairings. Some contain kink. All will leave you breathlessly panting for more.


Aug 21, 2017

Body Parts

Aug 20, 2017

Christmas at the Lake

Christmas at the Lake
Charlotte Blake
(Great Escapes, #2)
Publication date: September 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Sometimes love gets forgotten …
Hugely successful Lexi Stuart is used to guys pursuing her, but for all the wrong reasons. Sure, she’s beautiful and rich, but the men in her life never seem to want anything more serious than just sex. It’s a stark reality she’s become used to.
As a code writer in Silicon Vally, Adam Hunt doesn’t have to worry about money. And as a heartthrob in general, he doesn’t need to worry about attracting women, either. But when he meets Lexi during a Christmas holiday in Lake Tahoe, he’s floored that she won’t give him the time of day after one wild night together.
Now, this sports bum is about to take Lexi on the ride of her life. All she needs to do is hang on!

NOTE: This STAND-ALONE romance contains very steamy love scenes. All of the books in the Great Escapes series can be read in any order.


Only for You

Only for You
Beverley Kendall
(Unforgettable You #1)
Publication date: December 9th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
They say there is a thin line between love and hate.
This is what happens when that line is crossed.
College freshman Olivia Montgomery is thrilled at the chance to start over, escape the rumors that plagued her in high school. And she can finally put her juvenile crush, Zachary Pearson, where he belongs—in her past. Then her unrequited love strolls into her French class, shattering Olivia’s newfound peace, and the feelings she’d thought buried for good come rushing back. Now she can’t shake her unwanted attraction to the one guy who can twist her stomach into knots with just a smile…but has never given her the time of day.
Zach’s good looks may have always gotten him his pick of girls, but it’s the star quarterback’s skill on the football field that gives him his pick of the Big Ten colleges. To escape the crushing demands of his win-at-all-costs father, Zach opts for a private university in upstate New York where…his present and past collide. And the one girl he’s always wanted but can’t have—and a class trip to Paris—turn out to be the ultimate game changer that has him breaking every one of his rules.
Grab your copy today for FREE!!
Seconds after Rebecca disappears around the corner, I feel a presence behind me.
Like right behind me. I turn, expecting to see Scott, who I’m sure is eager to offer an explanation to what I’d just witnessed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The guy hovering behind me is none other than Zach, his expression just as grim as when I saw him minutes ago. Scratch that, grimmer.
I actually take a step back, I’m so shocked to see him this close, and bump into the wall behind me. Zach takes a step closer and braces his forearm, exactly the way Scott had done, on the wall at the side of my head. He bends his head so his mouth is near my ear. I drag in a breath of air and with it the subtlety of his cologne and warm male skin. Being this close to him after so many weeks is like a kick of excelsior.
“Who’s the guy?” he asks, his voice a low rumble in my ear. It takes everything in me not to shiver as the sound vibrates down my spine.
“A friend.”
His mouth kicks up at the corner into a smirk.
His tone is so obviously disbelieving, now it requires Herculean self-control not to smack him even though I miss him so much my heart hurts.
“Anyway,” he continues, his eyes narrowing and growing hard as flint as he stares down at me. “Here’s the thing. If you’re trying to make me jealous, you’re wasting your time. I wouldn’t want you to put yourself out too much tonight, so remember that and go easy on the guy, ‘kay?”
Raising his head, he flashes me a tight, icy smile and pushes off the wall as he continues to hold my gaze. In his final gesture of arrogance, he runs the back of his index finger gently down my cheek while his jaw ticks. “Have a nice evening, Liv.” With that, he turns and saunters back down the hall.

Author Bio:
Beverley discovered her love of books while growing up in Ontario, Canada. With her love of books and romance, she always wished that everyone would find their happily ever after. She currently writes sexy historical, new adult and contemporary romances.
As the mother of one too bright and mischievous young boy, she pulls full-time duty on all fronts. When she's not writing full-time or mothering, she's probably reading or knitting and dreaming of a time when she'll have time for her favorite hobbies: crocheting and sewing.
Beverley has lived on two continents, in three countries, two provinces, and four states. She stopped her nomadic existence and settled in the southeast. All things artistic feed her creative passion, but none more than writing. Readers can visit her at:


Crescent Calling

Crescent Calling
Axelle Chandler
(The Crescent Witch Chronicles #1)
Publication date: August 9th 2017
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Skye Williams is an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life.

Or so she thought.

When she receives news of her estranged mother’s death, she must go to Ireland to claim her inheritance, but when she arrives in the tiny village of Derrydun, she isn’t prepared for what she finds nestled amongst the rolling hills of the Emerald Isle.

Lumped with a funeral, her mother’s crystal shop, a moody goth girl for an employee, and a crumbling cottage with horrible floral curtains, selling up and getting out sounds like a great plan, but everything and everyone seems determined to keep her from going home.

Skye doesn’t want any part of her mother’s life or the people of Derrydun until she sees the hot Irishman she’s been crushing on turn into a fox.

More absurdly, he tells her her dead mother was a witch who battled evil fairies, there’s magical trees growing in the centre of the village, there’s a parallel universe where the fair folk live, and she’s meant to be the last defense of the magical peoples of Ireland.

Turns out Skye Williams was never an ordinary woman. Not by a long shot.

She’s the last Crescent Witch and has a destiny to fulfil.

Whether she likes it or not.
The Crescent Witch Chronicles is a series stuffed full of Irish charm, myth and mayhem. Come on an adventure fraught with danger and forbidden romance…and the ultimate battle to save magic before it’s gone forever.
That night, as Buddy kept me company, I fell asleep to the sound of wind howling through the trees outside. Plagued with dreams of wolves, I tossed and turned until I slipped into a deep slumber.
When dawn finally broke, I was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and my head was stuffed with cotton wool. I’d slept but not really. A heavy burden was over my heart, and my body had become twisted in the quilt, my feet trapped.
Ugh, I was all hot and sticky. I kicked, trying to shift the uncomfortable weight and turned over, but it didn’t budge. Lifting my head, my eyes cracked open, sleep still clogging my head. That was when I saw a lump at the end of the bed. A very large, man-shaped lump.
Now completely awake, I screamed, scrambling up the bed. It was Boone. A very naked Boone.
He started, his head shooting up, and when he saw me, he rolled and fell off the end of the bed, hitting the floor with a thud. Scrambling to his feet, his face turned a deep shade of crimson.
“Oh, shit,” he cursed, covering his junk with his hands. “Oh, cac.”
Cac?” I yelled. “I’ll give you bloody Irish cac!
Grabbing the lamp on the bedside table, I pushed up onto my knees and swung it with all my might. The plug popped out of the wall, and the shade barely missed Boone’s face, but the cord came around and whipped him directly on his bare ass.
He howled in pain and retreated across the room.
Pervert!” I shrieked.
“Let me explain,” he said, holding up his hands and leaving nothing to the imagination.
“Explain? What’s there to explain?” I shouted, trying not to look at his you-know-what. “You were asleep on the end of my bed…naked!” I swung the lamp at him again, barely missing his head. “You’re still standing there. I can see your meat and two veg!
“Oh, cac,” he said again. “I didn’t mean for you to find out this way…”
“Find out what? That you’re a pervert, who sneaks into women’s homes butt naked?”

Author Bio:
Axelle Chandler is an Australian Urban Fantasy author. She lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne dreaming up nail biting stories featuring bad-ass witches, hunky shape shifters and devious monsters. She likes chocolate, cat memes and video games. When she’s not writing, she likes to think of what she’s writing next.


Aug 19, 2017

Interview with David Meredith - Author of Aaru

 When did you realize that you wanted to become a writer?
I’ve always had an interest in writing. I think my earliest attempt was a story I wrote in about 3rd grade that I bound in shirt boards and decorated with magic marker. I wrote some admittedly awful fanfic in middle school and high school that I’d honestly never want anyone to see now. I also had several false starts and failed attempts at novels. I think there were four that I got 50 or more pages into before giving up for various reasons, but all of those were important to helping me grow as a writer. I just kept at it until I finished my first novel that I have still not published by the way, but I will when I’m sure it’s ready. I think that really has been the key though – patience and persistence. Writing isn’t a product. It’s a process, and the only way you get better at it is to keep doing it.

Is being an Author all you dreamed of, or did it just happen?
Well, my dreams are still a little bigger than what I’m doing now, but I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

What was the very first thing you ever wrote?
It was a mystery story when I was about in third grade. I wrote it on wide rule notebook paper and bound it with shirt boards decorated with magic marker.

What was the inspiration for your book?
I think it was part dream, part late night movie, but it is certainly in answer to a lot of questions I’ve had bumping around inside of my head in regards to life, faith, technology and mortality.

Who is your literary hero?
Probably Tolkien for the degree of detail he put into the world he created. It makes Middle Earth feel like a real place.

How much of your characters are based on your traits or someone you know
I don’t think that any are based solely on any one person, but I definitely use people I know or who I’ve met for inspiration on different aspects of characters. It makes them feel more authentic and real.

Describe your main character in six words.
Uncertain, innocent, desperate, naïve, resilient, hopeful

Describe the world you’ve created in six words.
Arcadian, utopian, dreamlike, limitless, inhibiting, flawed

What scene was your favorite to write?
There is a scene where Koren and Elysian Industries’ CEO, Askr Ashe appear on a popular late-night talk show. The banter between them and the host was a lot of fun to write. However, it also graphically illustrates the adult celebrity world that Koren suddenly finds herself thrust into, and she’s not entirely comfortable with it.

What scene was the hardest for you to write?
There’s a scene where the alien strangeness of Aaru gets to be too much to bear for Rose, and she has a little bit of a meltdown. I had to go over and over that section during editing until I was satisfied her reaction seemed natural and authentic and the scene fit into the overall narrative of the story in a believable way.

What are you working on now?
A couple of things. I’m over a hundred pages into my Aaru sequel, but I’m also still determined to publish my first finished novel, which is a fantasy novel based upon the mythology, legend and history of ancient Japan. It’s done, it just needs polishing. It will be published eventually, but it’s kind of my baby, so it will only be when I’m sure it’s perfect.

Goals? Accomplishments? Improvements?
Goals: I’d still love to be picked up eventually by a traditional publisher. Accomplishments: I just finished my doctorate degree in July so I am now Dr. David Meredith. Improvements: I’d like to think that I get better every time I write. I’d like to think this novel is a little better than my last one and I hope my next one will be better than this one still!

Are there any authors or books you recommend?
One of my favorite series is Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams. I generally reread it every year or two. I also cut my fantasy teeth on Tolkien. Other great authors I’d recommend are Robin Hobb, James Clavell, and Liza Dalby. I think Susanna Clark’s Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norell, is one of the most creative pieces of speculative fiction I’ve ever read.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing?

Pretty much all of my free time lately has either been taken up by dissertation or my regular writing, so I’ve not been that engaged in anything else besides work. Now that I’m finished with my program, however, that will be something I can finally explore.

Aug 18, 2017

The Love Square

The Love Square
Jessica Calla
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: January 12th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
On the west coast…
…Nebraskan Clare Davis hates her new life managing a bookstore in LA—until she meets up-and-coming movie star Dylan Barnes. Dylan’s always been a city guy, but can’t resist Clare’s midwestern charm as he shows her the wonders of California.

On the east coast…
…Alex Popovich loves being a carefree bachelor and a minor league ballplayer in his hometown Brooklyn. But things get complicated when gorgeous ballroom dancer-slash-office worker Jenna Stecco asks him to take that leap with her from best friend to something more, and he bunts and lets her go.
When Jenna and Dylan stir up the dynamic with a night of passion, the four friends must decide whether to accept the new normal, or fight their way out of the wrong corners of their love square and journey to their happily ever afters.
Currently on SALE for 99¢ for a limited time only!

Author Bio:
Jessica Calla is a contemporary romance and women's fiction author who moonlights during the day as an attorney. If she's not writing, lawyering, or parenting, you'll most likely find her at the movies, scrolling through her Twitter feed, or gulping down various forms of caffeine (sometimes all three at once).
Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Women's Fiction Writers Association. She organizes the unpublished writers' contest for the New Jersey Romance Writers (New Jersey's chapter of the RWA), and volunteers at BookFish Books behind the scenes. A Jersey girl through and through, she resides in the central part of the state with her husband, two sons, and dog.


Aug 17, 2017

Falling For You

Falling For You
Charlotte Blake
(Great Escapes, #1)
Publication date: September 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Sometimes love finds you whether you want it to or not …
Grace Clark is a star at her job as an art director at Boston’s biggest advertising firm. But inside she’s still mourning the loss of her sister two years ago. Losing Mia and a failed engagement have been enough to keep her heart on lockdown ever since.
Luke Arnold is tired of relationships that don’t go anywhere. Usually women are all over him, but it’s been years since he’s met someone he could really fall for.
But when he sees Grace from across the room at the Redview Lodge, he can’t keep his eyes off her. They meet in the New Hampshire mountains over Thanksgiving, and they find in one another something that neither of them expected.

NOTE: This STAND-ALONE romance contains very steamy love scenes. All of the books in the Great Escapes series can be read in any order.